In our inaugural blog post, we would like to welcome you to what custom home building should be all about…you!!!

I know, I know, you’ve heard this many times before. The “salesman” answer is exactly what I stated above. The reality is, we don’t want to sell you a house based on this blog. We want you to understand how and why Innov8 Homes is different, and we want you to get something out of visiting our website.

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That could be asking a question, it could be reaching out for help even if you are already building with someone else, that could be wanting to know more about our concept. Regardless of your need, we just want to open a line of communication for whatever your needs are.

Innov8 Homes is about a relationship, a process, a method of building a home where you are the most important element. Our company was founded on the idea of a “customer experience”. We are not willing to sacrifice the customer experience for any circumstance. That’s why you can (and should) contact every customer we have ever built a house for.

My partner and our crews are true leaders in this industry with a combined 35 years of experience building custom homes from $500,000 to 2,000,000 with a home building company called Ironcrest Homes. I bring a business discipline from a different angle to the company. Together we have formed a partnership that will truly leave our competition behind.

Every communication you have during the building process is with the ownership of the company. Every interaction, choice, and progress meeting is directly with ownership.

We also use the same contractors that build the Ironcrest homes to build our Innov8 Homes.

I will further detail that, and go into greater detail on what makes us unique on our next blog.

Until then, thanks for visiting, and if you have questions on anything at all, please call us at 515-988-0180. Dan/Paul