Here are a few helpful hints when getting your home ready to sell.
It’s always a great idea to de-clutter all rooms and closets.  Clutter is anything in the room or closet that doesn’t matter or add value to your life.  Removing these items typically helps spaces appear larger and cleaner, which is more appealing to the buyer.
Depersonalizing the home is another important aspect.  It’s best to remove most personal photos.  When walking through, some people feel uncomfortable after staring at other people’s family photos and it hits them that they’re in someone’s home.  The key is to make them feel comfortable and welcomed to stay and look around.
Another recommendation is to make sure to clean, clean, clean.  Making sure to wipe out windows, vent covers and door knobs always helps.  Anything that the buyer might touch to open anything is also important.  The buyer is usually looking for anything that would be a negative for the house.  Either to get a lower price or possibly even talk themselves out of buying it.
For more great ideas and more in-depth details about ways to prepare your home, feel free to contact us.  These tips generally help a seller sell their home quicker and at a higher price.

Justin Roberts is a full time Realtor at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, a 12-year old industry leader. He loves every aspect of it and has learned that a family benefits from a new construction house planning for the future.