Justin Roberts, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

Justin Roberts, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

When dealing with builders,  I find it important to choose someone who will truly listen to what you’re looking for in your next home and what’s important to you.  You want a builder that will also be open and honest about informing you if it would 1. Look good.  2. If it’s functional.  3.  If it’s in your budget.

You want to avoid the builder that says yes to everything just to get your business and to give you what you think will look good.  Especially if the builder knows it will not.  Which causes issues for resale in the end.

On the functional side, you want the home to fit your lifestyle, but also be appealing for resale as well.  Obviously, the budget is extremely important.  You want it to fit your lifestyle and have the ability to enjoy other aspects in life as well as the home.  So, finding the right builder who will have that honest chat about your expectations is really valuable.

This is why I love collaborating with Innov8 Homes. Their openness and honesty is important. Plus, they have a passion for homes, but more importantly, for the people that live inside them.  Innov8 Homes understands that’s what truly makes a house a home.  Our goal is to partner up with you during the home building process and make it as enjoyable as possible.


Justin Roberts is a full time Realtor at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, a 12-year old industry leader. He loves every aspect of it and has learned that a family benefits from a new construction house planning for the future.