1. Grading. Before the rainy season, it’s always a good idea to make sure there is plenty of grading around your home to drive rain away from the foundation instead of having it settle right up against the home.

2. Make sure all gutters are cleaned out – along with kid’s toys as well. Last year I found 7 different sizes of balls up in the gutters! I realized there was an issue when water was spilling out over the top of the gutters and not coming down the downspouts. It’s also good to make sure that all extensions are on and secured tightly.

3. Seal and caulk exterior cracks along the driveway, foundation and sidewalk. This will help prevent water getting into these cracks and and freezing in cold temperatures.

4. Unscrew all garden hoses.

All of these items will help in fighting against any water or foundation issues. And most likely save you money, which is always nice.

Justin Roberts is a full time Realtor at RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts, a 12-year old industry leader. He loves every aspect of it and has learned that a family benefits from a new construction house planning for the future.