Fall and Winter Maintenance to Prevent Damage to Your Home

1. Grading. Before the rainy season, it's always a good idea to make sure there is plenty of grading around your home to drive rain away from the foundation instead of having it settle right up against the home. 2. Make sure all gutters are cleaned out - along with kid's toys as well. Last [...]

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Getting your home ready to sell

Here are a few helpful hints when getting your home ready to sell. It's always a great idea to de-clutter all rooms and closets.  Clutter is anything in the room or closet that doesn't matter or add value to your life.  Removing these items typically helps spaces appear larger and cleaner, which is more appealing to [...]

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Pre-Approval Letters

Homes are in very high demand. With low inventory levels, it's important to be prepared when you’re ready to make an offer on a new home. Your real estate agent will want to see a pre-approval letter from your financial institution. This pre-approval can be done via phone call or in person.  It generally takes [...]

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How to Find the Right Builder

Justin Roberts, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts When dealing with builders,  I find it important to choose someone who will truly listen to what you’re looking for in your next home and what’s important to you.  You want a builder that will also be open and honest about informing you if it would 1. [...]

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Our young company continues to evolve and grow. You know the Japanese have a theory or process, it's called the Kaizan process. Which in English translates to small improvements overtime while bettering the entire product. I truly believe that's what we're doing at Innov8 Homes. Since the completion of our first Cassandra model, we have [...]

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FHA Mortgage Program

There was a lot of chatter about what President Trump would do during his first days in office, and one of the very first thing he did was sign a legislative order that halted a fee rate cut for homebuyers utilitizing the governments FHA mortgage program. This is a program that offers a 3.5% down [...]

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What You Can Expect from Innov8 Homes

Are you gearing up for a busy holiday season? Things continue to be moving right along for us. What an amazing Fall it's been from a weather perspective. It has really allowed us to get some things done we hadn’t anticipated. With interest rates staying where they have been at historic lows, it has contributed [...]

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Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgages offer the homeowner a sense of security. With the election fast approaching, many financial experts expect an increase in interest rates. By choosing a fixed rate mortgage over an adjustable rate, you never have to worry about your payment increasing over the life of the loan. Unless you have the cash in [...]

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Coyote Ridge Development in Waukee School District

One of the Des Moines Metro’s newest sought-out developments to live in is Urbandale’s Coyote Ridge. Those who move here are able to benefit from the lowest city tax levy in the State for cities with 6000 or more residents. Families also benefit from an excellent school district. Waukee schools is a rapidly growing district [...]

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Welcome to Innov8 Homes – Custom Homes for YOU!

In our inaugural blog post, we would like to welcome you to what custom home building should be all about…you!!! I know, I know, you’ve heard this many times before. The “salesman” answer is exactly what I stated above. The reality is, we don’t want to sell you a house based on this blog. We [...]

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