Our young company continues to evolve and grow. You know the Japanese have a theory or process, it’s called the Kaizan process. Which in English translates to small improvements overtime while bettering the entire product. I truly believe that’s what we’re doing at Innov8 Homes.

Since the completion of our first Cassandra model, we have made 19 positive improvements towards that floorplan including a pass-through master suite, a larger deck, and vaulted main floor ceilings.

We continually look at our floorplans, and look for ways to make them better while always keeping our end user in mind.

We currently have four homes under construction and are just breaking ground on our home show home for 2017. We would love to take you through any or all of these properties.

We are also making improvements to the build process. These include:

Offering all of our clients dedicated time with an interior designer at no charge to them. This allows many people who are unsure of the direction that they want to go, their true styles, and how the entire home is going to flow, a chance to remove a lot of the stress involved with new home construction.

Lastly, we are just launching our total interactive build app. This allows our client to communication with us regarding all documentation, all selections made, and instant uploads of the photos being taken during every step of the build. It has a built-in calendar so together we can continue to view and plan the build process. We think this will be a huge enhancement to building with Innov8 Homes.

If we can answer any more questions, or help you through any of your build process needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.